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Saving lives

icddr,b is run and supported by the kind generous donations of individuals and corporations around the world. Without this help we wouldn’t be able to invest in the research needed to save the lives of millions of people around the world. If you’d like to find out more about how you could help and to explore a specific area of expertise that the icddr,b works within, click on the relevant links below.


About icddr,b’s Dhaka Hospital

Hospitals of hope
For over 45 years the Dhaka Hospital has been specializing in the management of diarrhoeal diseases. Through the provision of research, knowledge and dedication the hospital is able to offer a level of care and treatment that otherwise would not be possible to the people of Bangladesh.

Kind support last year from donors like you enabled renovation of all the entrances to the hospital and allowed us to create a more efficient space for our patients. But more remains to be done.

Each year, the Dhaka Hospital treats more than 110,000 patients, 35,000 of whom would die without treatment. icddr,b depends on donations to continue this lifesaving treatment. We depend on you to be able to continue saving lives.

Making a Donation
Every dollar, pound, euro and taka makes a difference to the health of poor people in Bangladesh and around the world. Whatever you decide to donate, all contributions to icddr,b are significant.

It’s your generosity that enables us to create lasting change in the lives of thousands of people around the world through our long-term development and research work carried out from our Centre here in Bangladesh.


We greatly appreciate your support


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