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02 September 2015

Research on autism is the first step towards awareness and understanding, experts say

Experts and high-profile advocates for autism met at icddr,b last week to discuss the potential of future support programs for parents of children with autism


27 August 2015

It’s World Water Week! A look at water, sanitation and hygiene research at icddr,b

Water is an unusual commodity in Bangladesh: the country lies at the confluence of three major rivers and its soil is highly fertile as a result. But at the same time these rivers and their tributaries harbour public health threats like the toxic heavy metal arsenic and the pathogens that are responsible for cholera. Responding to these challenges, icddr,b is a major contributor to research in the field of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Here a round-up of some of the recent icddr,b research on WASH.


25 August 2015

icddr,b named centre of excellence by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation

A delegation from the Organization for Islamic Cooperation visited icddr,b this week to recognise icddr,b’s scientific excellence and discuss potential partnerships in science and technology


19 August 2015

Low-cost innovation has big potential for treatment of severe child pneumonia, finds new icddr,b study in The Lancet

A locally produced and low-cost form of providing oxygen and breathing support for children with severe pneumonia, called bubble-CPAP, has been tested in a randomised clinical trial, with promising findings that show for the first time in a developing country setting that CPAP could be more effective for the sickest children than the World Health Organization’s recommended standard of oxygen delivery.


17 August 2015

icddr,b celebrates tenth anniversary of internationally acclaimed James P Grant School of Public Health

Professor John D Clemens, Executive Director of icddr,b, was one of the key speakers at the tenth anniversary celebrations of the James P Grant School of Public Healthearlier this month in Dhaka. Speaking alongside Sir Fazle Hasan Abed (Chairperson and Founder of BRAC),and Professor Syed Saad Andaleeb (Vice Chancellor, BRAC University),Professor Clemens praised the contribution of icddr,b’s senior scientists who have lectured and tutored students as part of the core faculty and inspired the next generation of leaders in public health. He also recognised that many of icddr,b’s staff members are alumni of the school and make a valuable contribution to the organisation.


13 August 2015

Access to emergency maternal health care: What is the situation in Bangladesh?

Access to free-of-charge or subsidised emergency obstetric care is very low in Bangladesh, according to an icddr,b survey, but public-private partnerships and incentive schemes could increase coverage to address key causes of maternal mortality


05 August 2015

Against the odds: Breastfeeding in Bangladesh

When an infant with diarrhoea is brought to icddr,b’s Dhaka Hospital, their mothers are routinely referred to a free breastfeeding counselling service. This little-known and unique clinic has served new mothers for more than 20 years, and it supports more than 50 women every week to breastfeed their children, bringing benefits to both mom and baby.


30 July 2015

Social networks improve maternal and newborn healthcare in urban slums

Women in urban slums who viewed community health workers as part of their social support network are more likely to adopt healthy maternal and child healthcare practices, says new icddr,b research


22 July 2015

Can handwashing prevent influenza transmission?

New icddr,b research shows that handwashing is ineffective in the prevention of household influenza transmission if family members practice it only after they fall sick


09 July 2015

New icddr,b study in The Lancet shows that oral cholera vaccine protects against endemic disease

A double-dose, low-cost oral cholera vaccine administered through routine government health services can substantially reduce hospitalisations and deaths from cholera in densely populated urban settings, finds a new icddr,b study published in The Lancet


02 July 2015

A milestone for girls and menstrual hygiene in Bangladesh

icddr,b research has informed a Government of Bangladesh decision to improve toilets and sanitation facilities in schools, with an emphasis on accommodating the needs of female students


25 June 2015

Web-based kala-azar surveillance system launched in Bangladesh

Kala-azar surveillance has been integrated into the online monitoring information system in Bangladesh, stepping up national efforts to eliminate the disease by 2018


23 June 2015

Research achievements showcased in new icddr,b Annual Report

We are delighted to announce that icddr,b’s Annual report 2014 has been released. The report chronicles our progress during the last year in generating scientific knowledge, translating research into treatment, training and policy and helping address some of the most critical health concerns facing the world today.


16 June 2015

How does urban health relate to the sustainable development agenda?

Post-2015 urban health challenges like inclusion, equity and sustainability should be addressed through multi-sectoral action including public-private partnerships, experts say


10 June 2015

icddr,b hosts international symposium on childhood acute malnutrition

International colleagues joined icddr,b scientists to share and disseminate key research on severe acute malnutrition, including progress in the development of locally made, ready-to-use therapeutic foods


04 June 2015

Measuring arm circumference is a better indicator of malnutrition than weight

WHO’s current weight-based guidelines for assessing malnutrition in children with diarrhoea are not as reliable as measuring the child’s upper arm circumference, says a new study in Dhaka by icddr,b researchers with international colleagues and published in the Journal of Nutrition.


26 May 2015

New evidence for scope and treatment of typhoid fever in Bangladesh

A new diagnostic test for typhoid fever has proven accurate in young children, and could therefore help to diagnose patients more accurately and treat them more rapidly


20 May 2015

icddr,b spearheads south-south collaboration during Mozambique cholera outbreak

A team of icddr,b scientists travelled to Mozambique last month to provide expertise and build national capacity in the case-management, laboratory work and surveillance of a cholera outbreak


13 May 2015

Experiences of addressing cardiovascular disease at the community level

Community members in Bangladesh do not perceive risk of developing cardiovascular disease, but health workers are now ready to diagnosis it


06 May 2015

Misreporting contributes to early marriage challenge

Over half of all women in a new survey under-reported their age, complicating efforts to understand and address the problem of early marriage in Bangladesh, says a new icddr,b study in the journal Asian Population Studies.

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