11 February 2016

Low-cost thermal blanket could save the lives of preterm babies

Scientists at icddr,b and their US colleagues have developed an innovative ‘thermal blanket’, prepared from local materials, which could potentially save the lives of premature babies in Bangladesh and beyond. In December 2015, icddr,b hosted a workshop to discuss progress to date and what was needed to realise the potential of this innovative new product.
06 February 2016

Patients with diabetes should be screened for depression to lower threats from both

Patients with diabetes are more than six times likely to suffer from depression than patients without diabetes, finds a new icddr,b studyexamining the coexistence of the two health conditions in Bangladesh.
28 January 2016

New guidelines to improve neonatal care for premature babies in Bangladesh

icddr,b research and expertise have contributed to new national guidelines for kangaroo mother care for premature newborn babies in government healthcare facilities in Bangladesh
20 January 2016

icddr,b wins major award to help prevent Hepatitis E in pregnancy

icddr,b scientists have received a global health and vaccination award from GLOBVAC to conduct research on a vaccine for hepatitis E, a troubling viral disease that causes particularly dangerous problems in pregnant women.
12 January 2016

icddr,b scientists with international collaborators win major research grant to tackle hypertension

The new study is funded by the joint global health trials scheme, a partnership of DFID, the Medical Research Council and The Wellcome Trust, which aims to generate new knowledge about interventions to improve health in low and middle income countries that can be quickly implemented.
07 January 2016

icddr,b mHealth intervention improves immunisation coverage in hard-to-reach communities

Reminding mothers about immunisation of newborns through SMS messages has significantly improved vaccination coverage among hard-to-reach populations in Bangladesh, reveals a new icddr,b study.

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