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30 December 2014

Empowering village doctors to improve health care access in rural Bangladesh

Two new icddr,b studies examine the role and practice of village doctors in providing health care to rural communities and find that better education, training and access to information is needed to improve the quality of care provided by village doctors.


24 December 2014

Major shift in burden of disease in Bangladesh

Study finds that mortality from diarrhoeal disease has decreased dramatically, while life expectancy has increased. However, growing prevalence of stroke and ischemic heart diseases pose a serious challenge to public health in Bangladesh.


22 December 2014

Inadequate health systems leave street children vulnerable to HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh

A new icddr,b study among street kids in Dhaka shows that available public health services are ineffective at addressing the sexual health needs of street dwellers, heightening risk of HIV/AIDS


18 December 2014

SAFE: Promoting rights and reducing violence against women and girls in urban slums

A unique action research project led by icddr,b brought together research, advocacy and community-based partners working on health and legal rights and services for vulnerable women and girls. The preliminary results show considerable reduction in gender-based violence and improved knowledge and practice on sexual, reproductive health and marriage related rights.


15 December 2014

icddr,b scientist’s work on cholera receives prestigious Wellcome Trust award

Dr Shah M Faruque is the first Bangladeshi scientist to be selected for the Wellcome Trust’s Senior Investigator Award, which recognises his outstanding track record in research and provides funding to generate further knowledge on control of cholera epidemics.


11 December 2014

Development partners commend icddr,b’s work at Matlab

icddr,b’s work in Matlab impressed the Dutch Ambassador and senior officials from icddr,b’s long term development partners, UNFPA and DFATD Canada ,who visited the field site last week.


08 December 2014

icddr,b scientists recognised for groundbreaking global health research

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has selected two icddr,b scientists for Grand Challenges Explorations awards to test and de­­velop innovative ideas in maternal health and prenatal care


04 December 2014

Japanese encephalitis vaccine trial by icddr,b paves the way to disease control

A live attenuated Japanese encephalitis vaccine trial led by icddr,b scientists in Bangladesh has allowed the World Health Organization to approve the vaccine for prequalification stage, which is a step forward for the vaccine to be included in WHO’s routine vaccination programmes worldwide.


02 December 2014

icddr,b’s Dr Firdausi Qadri named to high-level United Nations panel

The new panel of experts will advise the UN Secretary-General on technology issues to spur structural change and sustainable development in the developing world.


01 December 2014

World AIDS Day: icddr,b’s partnerships help curb the HIV epidemic in Bangladesh

icddr,b’s Centre for HIV and AIDS has worked with multiple community-based groups to gain access to vulnerable populations at risk of HIV infection, and to provide them with high-quality sexual health and other services. This commitment to relationship building reflects wider national and international networking that has made an important contribution to limiting the HIV epidemic in Bangladesh.


25 November 2014

Recognizing violence against women in Bangladesh

Violence against women must be better acknowledged as a problem both socially and legally before it can be adequately addressed in Bangladesh


24 November 2014

Universal Children’s Day – a time to reflect on MDG4 success in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has made considerable gains in improving the health and wellbeing of children, and is on track to reach the Millennium Development Goal of reducing under-five mortality by two-thirds by 2015.


18 November 2014

A small tribute for a great man – The late Dr M Mujibur Rahaman

We remember the late Dr M. Mujibur Rahaman – accomplished scientist, mentor and one of the founders of icddr,b, who passed away on 14 November.


17 November 2014

icddr,b enters partnership to develop low cost, high-impact oral cholera vaccine

A joint project between icddr,b ,Dhaka-based Incepta Vaccine Limited and international partners will expedite the development of an oral cholera vaccine for low-income countries.


13 November 2014

icddr,b contributes to largest ever dataset on individual deaths in Africa and South Asia

icddr,b with others in the INDEPTH Network publish remarkable new findings on causes of death around the world


11 November 2014

LG Electronics partners with icddr,b to enhance patient care at Dhaka Hospital

Under its corporate social responsibility umbrella, LG Electronics Labour Union donated $95,000 in support of the icddr,b Dhaka Hospital


06 November 2014

Threat of climate change looms over gains in public health

The dual impact of climate change and urbanisation must be anticipated and addressed in order to protect gains in public health in Bangladesh.


04 November 2014

MAL-ED: Illuminating the linkages between childhood malnutrition and diarrhoeal diseases

MAL-ED, a long term, multinational project to which icddr,b is contributing, takes a uniquely comprehensive approach to investigating the complex relationships between under-nutrition and enteric diseases and their impact on early childhood development


30 October 2014

icddr,b scientists present key research on tuberculosis treatment

icddr,b scientists will present research to help address the burden of tuberculosis in Bangladesh at this week’s 45th World Conference on Lung Health.


29 October 2014

Urban health in Bangladesh improving, but more work needed

As urbanisation continues to increase in Bangladesh, a large new survey reveals many gains in urban health, but also a need to explore private-public partnerships and to focus on slum areas

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