29 January 2015

Understanding barriers to maternal health in remote communities in Bangladesh

A study by icddr,b and CARE Bangladesh asks why women in remote communities fail to access quality maternal and child health services and recommends providing skilled care in the community and tackling social and cultural barriers to access.


26 January 2015

Celebrating Bangladesh’s biotechnology Diaspora

The Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists has awarded icddr,b’s Dr Md. Mustafizur Rahman a gold medal for scientific achievements in biotechnology


22 January 2015

Exploring reasons behind the health sector brain drain

An international team of researchers suggests using targeted admission policies to address health worker brain drain, following the results of a survey on the migration preferences of medical and nursing students in developing countries


19 January 2015

Bridging the gap between knowledge and effective interventions in nutrition

Transform Nutrition, a five year multi-country project in which icddr,b is a partner, aims to accelerate progress and improve nutrition outcomes in developing countries by fillingl existing knowledge gaps, mobilising stakeholders across sectors and ensuring prioritisation of nutrition in development policy.


13 January 2015

Research should “go south-north” say climate change speakers

Only 25% of the citations about Bangladesh in Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change publications are authored by researchers in Bangladesh, but keynote speakers at Gobeshona say this can change


08 January 2015

Understanding why rural hypertensive patients fail to stick with their treatment

A new study by icddr,b scientists examines the reasons behind non-adherence to hypertension treatment, which leaves patients vulnerable to risk of stroke and related heart disease.


05 January 2015

icddr,b scientist awarded Grand Challenges Explorations grant for point-of-care TB technology

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has recognised icddr,b’s Dr Md Zeaur Rahim for the innovative use of electronic nose technology in the treatment and diagnosis of tuberculosis

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