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12 NOVEMBER 2017

An icddr,b study found additional simple clinical features helpful to distinguish the cause of rapid breathing in children with diarrhoea in order to facilitate appropriate treatment in time.

19 OCTOBER 2017

Those exposed to arsenic in Bangladesh may be at higher risk of childhood respiratory tract infection and diarrhoea, suggests a new systematic review by icddr,b.

12 OCTOBER 2017

From war-torn Yemen, physicians and nurses arrive at icddr,b for hands-on training on tackling cholera outbreaks as hundreds of thousands of Yemeni people continue to face countrywide epidemic.

11 OCTOBER 2017

The Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize has been awarded to icddr,b this year with $2 million in prize money in recognition of its innovative approach to solving global health issues impacting the world’s most impoverished communities.


Honourable Health Minister from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) of Bangladesh Government visited icddr,b to discuss important health issues including health and wellbeing of the Rohingya people taking refuge in Bangladesh.

29 AUGUST 2017

In Bangladesh, groundwater contamination from pit latrines have been found to occur in very few instances. Groundwater is more often contaminated due to poor hygiene inside tube wells and water containers stored in households, suggests a new icddr,b study.

03 AUGUST 2017

Dr Shams El Arifeen, a senior director at icddr,b, teams up with a new global health research initiative on respiratory health that focuses on reducing the impact of lung diseases worldwide.

29 JULY 2017

Patients admitted with persistent diarrhoea (PD) at icddr,b have had up to 95 percent recovery in recent years, indicates icddr,b hospital data.

28 JULY 2017

Recent icddr,b studies have shown that surveillance of diagnostic laboratories can detect small HEV outbreaks in urban Bangladesh, and that people exposed to pigs can be at a higher risk of jaundice due to poor waste disposal.

25 JULY 2017

A new icddr,b study finds evidence of using powerful insecticides, including one banned in 80 countries, in local fruit orchards in Bangladesh.

19 JULY 2017

Children older than six years of age can be at greater risk of dengue fever, identifies a new study with icddr,b, predicting that this may be because they spend more time in crowded places such as schools and parks.

05 JULY 2017

The pathogen Shigella causes diarrhoea known as Shigellosis. It often leads to that condition when a patient’s brain is affected, showing symptoms of seizures, altered consciousness or even developing coma.

08 JUNE 2017

This year's report shows icddr,b's role in global south health research, providing real impact to solve public health problems through innovative scientific research

31 MAY 2017

In Bangladesh, many of our schoolchildren begin smoking under the age of ten and most have not been questioned over their age when buying cigarettes, shows an icddr,b study. icddr,b researchers have also pointed out that the current tobacco regulations are not effective against the widespread use of sadapatha and zarda (dried and processed tobacco leaves) known as smokeless tobacco.

26 APRIL 2017

icddr,b scientific advisory group chair Professor Jan Holmgren received the 2017 Albert B Sabin Gold Medal Award in recognition of his pioneering work in mucosal immunology and leadership in the development of world’s first oral cholera vaccine.

20 APRIL 2017

Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes are increasing globally and often remain undiagnosed in low-income settings. A recent icddr,b study has recommended effective health education interventions to improve diabetes care because of recent alarming growth in people with non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as such.

07 APRIL 2017

A new icddr,b study is exploring whether mothers who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are affected by depression.

24 MARCH 2017

People with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is a cause for concern for Bangladesh, which is among high MDR-TB burden countries. A recent icddr,b sentinel surveillance has indicated that the number of new MDR-TB patients in Bangladesh may be increasing.

22 MARCH 2017

Harmful pathogens in human waste can be deactivated by thermal treatment before the waste can be turned into bio-fertiliser, a recent study conducted at icddr,b has shown.

15 MARCH 2017

Findings from a large Bangladesh-based study conducted by University of California, Davis researchers, icddr,b and collaborators show that lipid- or fat-based nutritional supplements consumed during the first 1,000 days can significantly boost children’s growth and development.

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