07 APRIL 2018

In countries like Bangladesh, community-based health insurances (CBHI) set up with voluntary contributions can help cover unforeseen healthcare cost for low-income informal workers like rickshaw pullers, shopkeepers and day labourers. However, informal workers having high health risk may be more likely to subscribe to these CBHIs.

24 MARCH 2018

A new study conducted by icddr,b in collaboration with National TB Control Program (NTP) has found that patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) also having diabetes may be more likely to experience early hearing loss.

06 FEBRUARY 2018

Improved drinking water, sanitation and handwashing (WASH) with nutrition intervention successfully cut childhood diarrhoea in rural Bangladesh, found a new study by icddr,b with US collaborators. Researchers think that partial improvements in WASH are insufficient to optimally affect childhood stunting - a condition when children become too short for their age.

30 JANUARY 2018

icddr,b is playing a key role to prevent disease outbreak among the Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) seeking refuge in Bangladesh. The plight of the FDMNs was mostly hidden from the world until August 2017 when they fled from Myanmar due to a violent military crackdown.

18 JANUARY 2018

An icddr,b study on over 2500 childbirths under its Matlab Health and Demographic Surveillance (HDSS) area found that around 35% of these deliveries were caesarean section (C-section) and only 1.4% of these C-sections were conducted for absolute maternal indications (AMI).

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