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icddr,b annual report presents findings of national, regional and international significance

Dhaka, June 08, 2017 - icddr,b, the international health research organisation based in Dhaka, has published its latest annual report, which demonstrates its well deserved place as a world leader in the fields of maternal and neonatal mortality and malnutrition, enteric and respiratory infections, emerging and re-emerging diseases, universal health coverage and the health consequences of climate change. This year’s report reveals icddr,b as central to Global south health research, providing real impact to solve public health problems through innovative scientific research, by generating evidence which has significantly contributed to influence both national and international policy and practice.

Activities in 2016 covered an impressive range of research areas, spanning fundamental studies on microbial communities in the gut and the impact of phage on cholera bacteria, major vaccine trials, and public health studies on key non-communicable diseases. The year 2016 also witnessed the 50th anniversary of icddr,b’s Matlab health and demographic surveillance site. From testing of ORS to the latest studies on hepatitis E virus vaccination, Matlab has made innumerable contributions to the health of people in Bangladesh, regionally and globally.

Among its many successes this year is the newly opened genomics lab, commenting on it, and its potential, icddr,b’s executive director Professor John D Clemens said, “I am confident that we can harness this tremendous breadth of expertise to meet the long-standing and emerging health challenges facing the global South.” He also expressed his gratitude to donors and said, “I give my special thanks to our core donor countries – Bangladesh, Canada, Sweden and the UK – for having the vision and commitment to provide us with predictable, unrestricted funding that has been key to our ability to innovate, to follow our key strategic priorities, and to invest in our wonderful staff and research infrastructure.”

The full version of the annual report 2016, which provides details on research, services and financial details is available on the internet at www.icddrb.org/annualreport2016

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