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An Introductory Course on Economic Evaluation of Health Interventions

Hosted by: icddr,b and JPGSPH

Date: 07 Jan 13 09:00 to 09 Jan 13 17:00

Location: James P Grant School of Public Health, icddr,b


Challenges of financing healthcare are not limited within revenue collection, but extended to efficient usage of funds dedicated to health interventions. While many efficacy studies of health interventions have been done or are ongoing, only a small proportion of them have undergone economic evaluations. But importance of economic evaluation of health interventions is an essential part for using health funds efficiently.

The Centre of Excellence for Universal Health Coverage, jointly hosted by icddr,b  and James P Grant School of Public Health (JPGSPH) at BRAC University has planned to offer a series of courses in the area of universal health coverage. As a part of this initiative a course entitled “An Introductory Course on Economic Evaluation of Health Interventions” has been planned, which will focus on the concepts, components and modalities of economic evaluation methods as well as possibilities and challenges of implementation of these methods in low- and middle-income countries.

Course Description

This course aims to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to critically understand the rationale, principles, and different methods of economic evaluation in healthcare, their theoretical foundations and the implications for research and policy of different methodologies. The materials covered by the course include an overall coverage of the components of economic evaluation, such as cost analysis, outcome data analysis, health state valuation, discounting etc. It focuses on the main practical and theoretical issues related to economic evaluation methods including cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis, cost-benefit analyses.

Course Objective:

The course aims at providing knowledge about theoretical basis and application of economic evaluation methods in low-income country setting.

Course content

  • Introduction to Economic Evaluation
  • Cost analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Cost-utility analysis
  • Value of health
  • Cost-benefit analysis


7-9 January 2013

Faculty members

The course will be taught by the faculty from icddr,b, JPGSPH of BRAC University, Dhaka University.

Teaching methods

The course includes lectures and practical sessions.

Training materials

Comprehensive hand-outs and soft copy will be given to the participants.

Target group

Researchers, advanced students in relevant fields, relevant officials in governmental and non-governmental institutions

Number of participants

20 participants

Course fee

The course fee for the local participants is Tk. 10,000 (Taka Ten Thousand) for the individual and Tk.15,000 (Taka Fifteen Thousand) for the institutional. Fee for international participants is US$500. The course fee will cover the cost of training materials and tuition fee and refreshments. However, travel costs, medical insurance, other meals and accommodation are not included in the course fee. The course fee is payable on notification of acceptance preferably by wire transfer or bank draft in favor of icddr,b (bank details will be provided with acceptance letter). Admission will be confirmed only when the fee is received.

Selection of participants

In general, participants will be selected based on experience and current field of work as well as their interest in UHC. Only selected participants will be notified by email or over telephone.

How to apply

Please fill in the downloadable application form below and send it to Dr. A S M Nurullah Awal at nurullah@icddrb.org or nurullah.icddr@gmail.com on or before December 10, 2012. Applications should accompany a CV and employed persons should apply through their employer.

Further Information

Please contact

For academic inquiry:
Dr. Jahangir A. M. Khan
Coordinator, Health Economics and Financing Research Group
Centre for Equity and Health Systems, icddr,b, AND
Associate Professor
James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University
Phone: +880-2-8811155
Email: jahangir.khan@icddrb.org

For application to the course:
Dr. A S M Nurullah Awal
Deputy Project Coordinator
Centre of Excellence for Universal Health Coverage
JPGSPH, Level-5, ICDDR,B Executive Director’s Building.
Phone: +880-2-8825131; Extn: 6005
Email:  nurullah@icddrb.org or nurullah.icddr@gmail.com

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