Capacity Building for Systematic Review

ICDDR,B with our partners, the Campbell Collaboration, the UK’s Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, the Campbell & Cochrane Equity Methods Group and 3ie, with support from DfID, seeks to support researchers throughout the South Asia region through the provision of capacity building in systematic review techniques using training, workshops, on-line training and support, and quality assurance for selected institutions in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The course that is supported by these materials is designed to be held over four days and covers the following topics:

SR’s Why, SR’s What, SR’s Who, Question Design, Title registration/ Proposal development, Methods: Searching, Screening, Coding, Analysis, Rev Man, Complex Issues/ interventions, Logic Models and Equity in systematic reviews.

If you would like to learn more about our programme or have questions about the material below, please contact:


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