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The postpartum period is one of the most vulnerable for both mother and newborn, yet often neither health programmes nor mothers and families recognize this vulnerability. For mothers, death at delivery, immediately thereafter, and during the following week accounts for more than 60% of the estimated 529,000 maternal deaths. More than 4 million neonatal deaths occur every year and about 50% of these are within 72 hours of delivery (The World Health Report, 2005). Add to this mounting death toll the stillbirths that alone total nearly 3.3 million. Most of this burden of death occurs among women in developing countries who lack skilled care during labour, at delivery and in the immediate postpartum period. These numbers are large. Nearly half of women in developing countries deliver without any skilled birth care and fewer than a third are estimated to have any postpartum care (PPC).

In this context, MotherNewBorNet was launched in April 2005 with the goal moving research into practice to improve maternal and neonatal health at the community level. It is currently hosted by ICDDR,B with  funds from the Global Research Activity of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Cooperating Agency projects of CATALYST, BASICS, ACCESS and POPPHI .

Contact: Ms. Marzia SULTANA

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