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In 2011, icddr,b was featured in New York at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, which aims to inspire, connect, and empower a community of global leaders to forge solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. Each CGI member creates a Commitment to Action, a concrete plan to address a major global challenge.

icddr,b announced two commitments.

 Global Cholera Preparedness Commitment

icddr,b and AmeriCares commit to prepare for and respond to outbreaks of cholera and other acute watery diarrhea (AWD) with an emergency preparedness initiative. The cholera preparedness platform (cholera kit and global response plan) will secure necessary supplies, expertise, and financial resources, ensuring timely response to international requests for support during the critical early stages of a cholera outbreak.

Over a two-year period, icddr,b and AmeriCares anticipate responding to international cholera outbreaks to treat up to 30,000 patients, as well as the bi-annual cholera epidemics and domestic emergencies in Bangladesh during which icddr,b treats up to 1,000 cholera patients per day.

AmeriCares and icddr,b will develop and stage a Cholera Kit of medicines and supplies required to treat 15,000 patients with watery diarrhea in one of its three warehouses in Stamford, Connecticut in the USA, the Netherlands, and India. These kits will be prepared to dispatch to an emergency setting within 72 hours of a potential outbreak.

AmeriCares and iccdr,b, along with the WHO Global Outbreak Alert & Response Network (GOARN ), will monitor the globe for potential cholera outbreaks, sending investigators for rapid assessments at the first signs of outbreak for confirmation. In cases where a full response is necessary, AmeriCares will act immediately to air ship the cholera kit. iccdr,b will mobilize a medical team of physicians, nurses, medical fellows, and a laboratory technician, which will work in-country for a 30-day period.

Coordinating with the local partner identified, AmeriCares and iccdr,b will work with its leadership and clinicians to set up a Demonstration Treatment Centers using medicines and supplies from the Cholera Kit.

In addition to the International Response component, the commitment includes three additional components:

  • Domestic Response: In order to address spikes in cholera from natural disasters and biannual cholera epidemics, a financial draw-down facility--by which arrangements are made in advance for the rapid release of funds--will be created to ensure capacity and resources are in place to respond effectively to large-scale domestic outbreaks in cholera-endemic Bangladesh. AmeriCares will support this component by providing supplies and medicines to icddr,b as part of an on-going strategic partnership to improve the medical supply chain in Bangladesh.
  • Updated/Improved User Interface of icddr,b’s Online Training Materials As a Global Resource
  • Support for icddr,b’s Dhaka Hospital as a Dynamic Laboratory for Testing and Refining Treatment Protocols

To read the full commitment, please download here

 Health Systems Strengthening in Bangladesh

icddr,b and its partners, AmeriCares and MedShare, commit to support 12 hospitals in Bangladesh by implementing "clinical governance", a codified system used in many developed countries to improve the standard of clinical practice, and by providing in-kind contributions of key medical supplies.

As part of this program, icddr,b will train medical directors and practitioners in clinical audit; clinical effectiveness; risk management; research and development; and openness. Established protocols for the most commonly diagnosed illnesses will equip physicians with step-by-step references and ensure a minimum standard of patient care.

In addition, AmeriCares and MedShare will provide $7.8 million in medicines, supplies and equipment to improve patient care. Furthermore, through this commitment, the partners will directly benefit 12 medical directors and over 7,600 members of their clinical staff, while indirectly improving care for 5.4 million patients.

To read the full commitment, please download here 

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