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You are most welcome to use the services and facilities offered by the Library and Information Services Unit (LISU) of the ICDDR,B, particularly its library-based information services.

ICDDR,B was established in 1978 as successor to the Cholera Research Laboratory created in 1960 to study the epidemiology, treatment, and prevention of cholera. The Centre is an independent, international, non-profit organization for research, education, training, clinical services, and information dissemination. The Centre is the only truly international health research institution based in a developing country. The results of research conducted over the years at the Centre provide guidelines for policy-makers, implementing agencies, and health professionals in Bangladesh and around the globe. Researchers at the Centre have made major scientific achievements in diarrhoeal disease control, maternal and child health, nutrition, and population sciences. These significant contributions have been recognized worldwide.

The broad aims and objectives of LISU are to: (a) collect, process, store, and disseminate information, (b) encourage use and flow of information, (c) help promote appropriate research work, and reduce duplication, and (d) optimalize the application of improved practices for information storage, retrieval, publication, and dissemination--all concerned with the issues relating to health, nutrition, and population. The mission of LISU is to make available findings and results of global health, nutrition and population research for solving the common health, nutrition and population problems, especially in the context of the developing world.

Within its broad aims, objectives and mission and with the support of 6 staff members, LISU has active­ly been pursuing to develop and offer effective and efficient information services, disseminate the Centre research findings, to improve the information-support system.

LISU maintains a modern library and information centre equipped with the most advanced tools of the new information technology and equipment for the storage, retrieval, and dissemination of information. LISU disseminates the Centre's research findings and other outputs through print and electronic media.

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