Gender Issues Addressed


  • Gender Policy approved-2003


  • Gender Specialist recruited -2004


  • A new gender specialist replaced the vacant position
  • Policies reviewed in the light of gender – 2005
  • Gender Equality Committee formed – 2005
  • Gender Resources Centre established – 2005
  • Gender issues prioritize on participatory Management System of CSD – 2005 – 2006


  • Pilot Gender Focal Point in Matlab and CSD established – 2006
  • Renovation of crèche into Daycare – 2006
  • Paternity leave established – 2006
  • CSA leave established – 2006


  • Safe accommodation and transport ensured – 2006 – 2007
  • First time female stand for president position of Staff Welfare Association – 2007 – 2008


  • Establishment Gender Focal Point at all divisions and field sites -2008
  • Gender Policy book reprinted and distributed-2008
  • Development of Daycare Guideline and brochure -2008
  • Daycare booklet published -2008
  • Representing ICDDR,B at Gender Book Fair- 2008
  • Gender Equality Committee meeting regular holding-2008
  • Gender incorporated into HR Manual -2008
  • Formation of Women cricket team -2008-2009
  • Gender Training Evaluation Report

On Going Activities:

  • Gender Awareness Workshop conducted started from 2005 to till date
  • 95 % of the total stuff trained on gender policy in Centre & field sites – 2005 – 2009
  • Sexual Harassment Policy formulated, distributed and disseminated- 2006-2009
  • Gender Specialist invited as panelist / discussant in different national / international seminar , workshop
  • Day celebrations: International Women’s Day


  • All membership committee review the membership to bring gender balance
  • Selection of Uniform of female health workers
  • Conduct focus group discussion for Training Needs Assessment
  • Establishment of women scientific forum
  • Strategic Plan

Gender as a milestone success story reviewed by Dr. Franklin

The Centre's Gender initiatives were reviewed as part of the 2008 Monitoring and Evaluation exercise for the Core Donors Group. The consultant stated in his report "At completion of this exercise, the reviewer is able to conclude that ICDDR,B has made meaningful and substantial steps toward promoting gender related research and institutional policy to support gender equality and mainstreaming. There is no doubt that staff knowledge and awareness regarding gender issues has evolved and that gender is now a strength of ICDDR,B." The reviewer concluded that "ICDDR,B has made impressive strides in the development of a gender-sensitive culture throughout the organization; this has become a point of pride for many staff, and relative to Bangladesh may constitute a model for domestic (national) policy development."

MEF consultant meeting with Gender Specialist, Gender Focal Point and Gender Equality Committee

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