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Sexual Harassment Policy

ICDDR,B is committed to the principle of establishing and maintaining gender equity and equality at all levels of the organization and to create a gender sensitive working environment. A Gender Policy was prepared by Human Resources and the Gender Equality Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees in June 2003.

As a part of gender policy ,SHP has been adopted in the centre 2006 in a wider range.

Various measures have been taken by the Board of Trustees, Management and Human Resources to ensure that any discrimination faced by women and men are addressed and that both women and men have equal opportunities and facilities to contribute to ICDDR,B’s vision and goals.

Although both females and males may be subject to sexual harassment irrespective of age, sex, marital status, education or profession, in general the majority of the victims of sexual harassment are women. Such conduct is regarded as a violation of the rights of workers, human rights and shall be treated as a punishable offence. This policy is intended to ensure a work environment free from sexual harassment.

This FACT SHEET outlines the zero tolerance policy applied to sexual harassment at ICDDR,B, and the organization’s commitment to eradicate harassment at all levels, irrespective of position or tenure.

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Dissemination session on sexual Harassment Policy

Staff Development and Networking: Vister visit of Gender Specialist

  • As a part of staff development program, Farzana Majid, Gender Specialist. HR, ICDDR,B visited Vister,a secular nonprofit organization committed to a process of enabling people to achieve the full realization of their rights as human beings. vishthar is simultaneously involved in academic and non-formal courses and community centered advocacy.
  • Course content:

Gender sexuality and sexual orientation
Gender base violence
Policy approaches
Gender and poverty
Gender and governance in the south Asia
Gender planning and budgeting
Introduction to learning events


Vister's Pics

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