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, Most. Fardushi
Department: Respiratory Vaccines
Designation: Field Organizer
, Mr. Hooshain
Department: Identification and Sub-typing of Enteric Pathogens
Email: hossain@icddrb.org
Designation: Senior Field Assistant
A.LATIF, Mr. S.M. Hasan
Department: Systems Vaccinology
Email: hasan.latif@icddrb.org
Designation: Research Officer
ABDULLAH, Ms. Khaleda Adib Binte
Department: Infection and Malnutrition
Email: k.adib@icddrb.org
Designation: Project Research Physician
ABEDIN, Mr. Md. Jaynal
Department: CSU for CCD
Email: jaynal@icddrb.org
Designation: Statistician
Ext: 2513
ABEDIN, Mr. Md. Joynal
Department: Emerging Vaccines
Designation: Surveillance Worker (Rural)
ABEDIN, Mr. Md. Zakerin
Department: Director's Office of CRH
Email: abedin@icddrb.org
Designation: Field Research Officer
ABEDIN, Mr. Mohammad Zoynal
Department: Finance
Email: mabedin@icddrb.org
Designation: Financial Controller
Ext: 3702
ADAMS, Dr. Alayne M.
Department: Director's Office of CEHS
Email: aadams@icddrb.org
Designation: Senior Social Scientist
Ext: 2261
ADHIKARI, Mr. Kamolesh
Department: Respiratory Vaccines
Designation: Clerk
Department: Research Laboratories
Designation: Field Assistant
ADHIKARI, Mrs. Georgia Milita
Department: Short Stay Unit
Email: milita@icddrb.org
Designation: Senior Staff Nurse
Ext: 2317
ADHIKARY, Dr. Gourab
Department: Monitoring , Evaluation and Health Informatics
Email: gourab@icddrb.org
Designation: Research Fellow
ADHIKARY, Mr. Godfrey
Department: Enteric Vaccines
Designation: Nurse
ADHIKARY, Mr. Pranob Chandra
Department: Diagnostic Labs
Designation: Research Officer
Department: Infection and Malnutrition
Designation: Field Research Assistant
AFREEN, Dr. Sadia
Department: CSU for CCD
Email: afreen@icddrb.org
Designation: Research Investigator
Ext: 2550
AFREEN, Dr. Sajia
Department: Emerging Vaccines
Email: sajia@icddrb.org
Designation: Medical Officer
AFRIN, Ms. Bilkis
Department: Child health services
Designation: Data Collector
AFRIN, Ms. Laila
Department: Dhaka Hospital
Email: laia.afrin@icddrb.org
Designation: Health Assistant
Ext: 2309

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