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HAMID, Mr. Sk. Abdul
Department: Communication & Development
Email: ahamid@icddrb.org
Designation: Senior Manager, Government Relations and Funding
Ext: 3300
HANIFI, Mr. S.M. Manzoor Ahmed
Department: Universal Health Coverage
Email: hanifi@icddrb.org
Designation: Associate Scientist
Ext: 2240
HANNAN, Mr. Md. Abdul
Department: Gender, Health, Human Rights and violence against Women
Email: abdul.hannan@icddrb.org
Designation: Senior Administrative Officer
Ext: 2203
HANNAN, Mr. Mohammad Abdul
Department: Information Technology
Email: hannan@icddrb.org
Designation: Systems Support Engineer
Ext: 3538
Department: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Designation: Field Assistant
HAQ, Mr. Fazlul
Department: Child health services
Designation: Field Supervisor
HAQ, Mr. Md. Ahsanul
Department: Systems Vaccinology
Email: shohag@icddrb.org
Designation: Data Management Assistant
Ext: 3473
HAQ, Mr. Muhammad Zahirul
Department: HDSS-Dhaka
Email: mzhaq@icddrb.org
Designation: Data Management Supervisor
Ext: 3832
HAQ, Ms. Shahreen
Department: Communication & Development
Email: Shahreen@icddrb.org
Designation: Media Manager
Ext: 3115
HAQUE, Dr. Anamika
Department: Chronic Diseases, Epidemiology and Genetics
Designation: Research Fellow
HAQUE, Dr. Fahmida
Department: Diarrheal DX Unit
Designation: Clinical Fellow
HAQUE, Dr. Farhana
Department: CSU for CCD
Email: farhanahaque@icddrb.org
Designation: Assistant Scientist
Ext: 219
HAQUE, Dr. Md. Rashidul
Department: CSU for CVS
Email: rhaque@icddrb.org
Designation: Senior Scientist
Ext: 3482
HAQUE, Dr. Muhammad Ariful
Department: Child health services
Email: arifulhaque@icddrb.org
Designation: Medical Officer
HAQUE, Dr. Nafis Al
Department: Health System and Reproductive Health
Email: nafis@icddrb.org
Designation: Senior Research Investigator
Ext: 2247
HAQUE, Dr. Shahinur
Department: Enteric Vaccines
Email: drshahinur@icddrb.org
Designation: Medical Officer
HAQUE, Dr. Twaha Mansurun
Department: CSU for CCAH
Email: twaha@icddrb.org
Designation: Medical Officer
HAQUE, Mr. A.B.M. Shariful
Department: Finance
Email: shariful1@icddrb.org
Designation: Administrative Assistant
Ext: 3706
HAQUE, Mr. A.K.M. Emdadul
Department: CSU for CCCD
Email: emdadul@icddrb.org
Designation: Senior Administrative Officer
Ext: 2540
HAQUE, Mr. A.K.M. Fazlul
Department: CSU for CCAH
Email: fhaque@icddrb.org
Designation: Data Management Supervisor
Ext: 3811

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