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icddr,b Timeline

2017: icddr,b wins the 2017 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize. 

2016: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon endorses icddr,b’s work 

2015: New icddr,b strategy 2015-18 published.

2014: Oral cholera vaccine found to have substantial impact on incidence of cholera when delivered through Bangladesh’s existing immunisation infrastructure.

2014: Microbial communities in the gut shown to have a significant influence on recovery from malnutrition.

2013: The Lancet lauds icddr,b’s contributions to improved health in Bangladesh.

2011: ‘Continuum of care’ approach achieves 36% drop in perinatal mortality.

2010: Groundbreaking research on gender violence feeds into Bangladesh’sDomestic Violence Act.

2010: Key findings from rotavirus vaccine trial published in the Lancet.

2008: Paper from Projahnmo project reporting 34% reduction in neonatal mortality is one of the Lancet’s three papers of the year.

2005: icddr,b receives Independence Day Award, Bangladesh’s most prestigious award.

2002: Zinc treatment of diarrhoea found to reduce under-5 mortality by 50%.

2001: icddr,b receives the first Gates Award for Global Health for its development of oral rehydration solution.

1999: Protocolised management of severely malnourished children shown to decrease case fatality from 20% to less than 5%.

1998: HIV sero-surveillance begins on behalf of Government of Bangladesh.

1995: Maternal immunisation with pneumococcal vaccine shown to protect newborns.

1993: New Vibrio cholerae 0139 (Bengal strain) identified and characterised.

1985: First field trial of oral cholera vaccine launched.

1982: Matlab Maternal Child Health and Family Planning project achieves major drop in fertility rates.

1978: Rotavirus identified as most common cause of diarrhoea in infants in Bangladesh, and as highest priority for new vaccines.

1978: icddr,b formally established.

1974: Tetanus toxoid vaccination of mothers found to significantly reduce neonatal mortality.

1968: First successful trials of oral rehydration solution.

1963: The world’s longest-running demographic surveillance field site starts in Matlab.

1962: Dhaka Hospital established.

1960: Cholera Research Laboratory, forerunner of icddr,b, opens in Dhaka.