Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards

We produce an annual Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA), summarizing expenditure under programmes supported by the US Government.

SEFA report is a requirement for non US organisations receiving federal funds in excess of US$750,000 (before September 2015, US$500,000), as stipulated by the audit requirements of the US Office of Management and Budget.

The Schedule does not reflect the financial position nor changes in net assets and cash flows of icddr,b, which are formally recorded in our annual Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements. Some amounts presented in the Schedule may differ from amounts presented in the financial statements. SEFA summarises expenditure reported to donors, whereas the financial statements deal with expenditure incurred during each period.

For purposes of the Schedule, federal awards include all grants, contracts and similar agreements entered into directly between icddr,b and agencies and departments of the US Government as well as federal funds icddr,b receives indirectly via non-federal organisations.