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Our strategic focus aligns our research with the world’s most pressing public health challenges.

Our Strategic Plan 2015–2018 establishes the strategic foundation for our work:

Our vision

A world in which more people survive and enjoy healthy lives

Our mission

To solve public health problems through innovative scientific research

Our values


We are single-minded in our pursuit of scientific rigour and operational efficiency


We are a responsible and accountable organisation, committed to the highest standards of behaviour


We collaborate effectively throughout the organisation and with our partners

Our objectives

Our Strategic Plan 2015–2018 also identifies six goals to guide our activities in the short term:

Goal 1 Implement a focused research strategy

We will focus our research on areas of unmet need, developing research programmes of excellence with a strong emphasis on relevancy in the global South.

Goal 2 Increase the visibility and impact of our research evidence

We will build skills and partnerships to ensure that our research evidence has impact on national and international policies, programmes and practices for improved health.

Goal 3 Invest in our research platforms

We will develop our research infrastructure—for population-based, clinical and laboratory-based research—to ensure it is aligned to our research objectives, internationally competitive and financially sustainable.

Goal 4 Invest in our people

We will build the skills and competencies of scientific and other staff, with a special focus on developing local research capacity, particularly at the mid-career level, and supporting female researchers.

Goal 5 Improve organisational efficiency and cost-effectiveness

We will modernise our organisation’s operations to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Goal 6 Ensure financial sustainability

As well as carefully controlling expenditure, we will revise our fundraising strategy and identify additional opportunities for income generation.