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Achieving our Mission and Vision - Strategic Plan 2023-2027

We are pleased to share our Strategic Plan 2023-2027. The new Plan establishes the strategic foundation for our work.

Our 2019-2022 Strategic Plan was an evolution of our achievements as we continue to align and encourage implementation of research to address the world’s most pressing public health challenges, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan is to find solutions for health problems, improve health systems, respond to emergencies and humanitarian situations, and contribute to sustainable development goals. The Plan also sets goals and priorities to enable us to become an even stronger leading public health research institution. 


Goal One: Innovation

We will develop, evaluate and promote the implementation of innovations – products, tools and innovative models of service delivery tailored to the needs of low-resource countries in the Global South and secure intellectual property rights of innovations where possible.


Goal Two: Impact

The goals and priorities for the impact of research done at icddr,b are based on a careful analysis of the landscape, including the needs of the world and Bangladesh. The nine goals will not exist in silos, but interlinkages between the goals are going to make the research results as envisioned in the Strategic Plan more impactful.


Goal Three: Collaboration

Collaborations are central to our work. We work with multiple governments, academic and NGO partners in Bangladesh, ensuring a strong focus on local health issues, and we have long-standing ties with scientific collaborators in leading research institutions worldwide. 
We have a very strong collaboration with more than 100 Bangladeshi institutions and organisations comprised of Government ministries and agencies, NGOs, UN agencies working in Bangladesh, medical colleges, hospitals, research institutes and private organisations. We also have about 200 international collaborators, including leading research institutions, universities, INGOs and advocacy groups, and UN Agencies. 
We are also members of a range of regional networks and work closely with partners across South Asia and the Global South.


Goal Four: Reputation and Branding

To make sure that our research findings have an impact on national and international policies, programmes, and practices, we will strengthen our collaborations and skill sets.