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Afrad Moon, Mr. Md. Mokibul Hassan

Assistant Scientist
Enteric and Respiratory Infections
Infectious Diseases Division
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Md. Mokibul Hassan

“Genomic analysis of SARS-CoV-2, when integrated with population mobility data, offers an opportunity to identify effective containment measures. I am the lead author of this study published in Nature Microbiology.”

I graduated in microbiology, but my passion for science grew after joining at icddr,b in 2010. I believe I am one of the luckiest individuals to have the privilege of working in various laboratories throughout my career, ranging from parasitology and virology until I settled at the mucosal immunology and vaccinology unit. My exciting journey in science began in 2013, in the following years, I was part of a team running a cohort of Rotavirus infections for six years, where we found and genetically characterized a novel human Rotavirus strain. I have also worked on enteric Adenovirus, Papillomavirus, HIV, and Hepatitis C.

Presently, I am concentrating on molecular biology, viral and bacterial genomics. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been working on SARS-CoV-2 and also doing my doctoral program in SARS-CoV-2 genomics. My future interest is to integrate laboratory-based evidence with disease epidemiology and make impactful contributions, particularly in the public health sector.

Recently, as part of our COVID-19 work, we looked into the phylogeny of SARS-CoV-2 and population mobility data in Bangladesh. The results of this research were published in Nature Microbiology.

Why I work at icddr,b:

I enjoy working in my lab at icddr,b, and the environment I work in is completely synced with the type of work I always wanted to do. I believe the shared skillset and experience in my present working group (my mentors and colleagues) and the multidisciplinary research scopes present in icddr,b is helping me to acquire experience and sharpen my present skills amidst the organization's professional work culture. Moreover, the exposure to the international standard research is also helping me build and expand my research landscape substantially.

2019 - till date

Research Investigator, Mucosal Immunology and Vaccinology Laboratory, icddr,b

2017 - 2018

Senior Research Officer, Mucosal Immunology and Vaccinology Laboratory, icddr,b

2014 - 2016

Research Associate, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

2012 - 2014

Senior Research Officer, Virology Laboratory, icddr,b

2010 - 2012

Research Officer, Virology Laboratory, icddr,b


MS in Microbiology, The University of Dhaka


BS in Microbiology, The University of Dhaka