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Amin, Dr. Mohammed Badrul

Associate Scientist
Food Micro
Nutrition Research Division
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Mohammed Badrul

"I want to find solutions to public health problems in developing countries through research on food safety and transmission dynamics of antimicrobial resistance using One Health approach."

After completing my master’s thesis at icddr,b, I started my research career in the field of infectious diseases as a Research Officer in 2009. Fascinating by biomedical research, I pursued my PhD in Japan where I was exposed to basic research with advanced facilities, and received the training to learn and think independently. After successfully completing my PhD, I resumed my career at icddr,b in 2017 and in the following year, I received the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) funded young researcher grant which highlighted me as principal investigator to run a research project.   

Currently, as an Assistant Scientist, I am leading Laboratory of Food Safety and One Health under Laboratory Sciences and Services Division. I am focusing on transmission dynamics of multi-drug resistant intestinal and extra-intestinal bacterial pathogens, particularly E. coli, in both community and hospital acquired infections, for example, gastrointestinal tract infections, urinary tract infections, septicemia and meningitis. In parallel, I have been working on microbial food safety aspects in Bangladesh, such as, we are now working on major sources of fecal pathogens in aquaculture value chains and the most cost-effective risk reduction strategies. So far, we have conducted several research projects with the collaboration of Stanford University and Washington State University, and funding support from NIH, SIDA and USAID. Overall, our research goal entails how enteric infections and antimicrobial resistance transmit from outdoor environments to humans in resource poor settings.

Why I work at icddr,b:

As a laboratory researcher, I definitely choose to work at icddr,b because of its state-of-the-art lab facility. Besides, icddr,b has been maintaining the world largest hospital for serving treatment of diarrhoeal disease along with other infectious diseases. Therefore, it is one of the best platforms in the country where I can connect my lab research experience to address global health problems.   

Future Plans:

To expand and strengthen my area of research through effective collaboration with both national and international donor agencies.

2019 - till date

Assistant Scientist, icddr,b


Senior Research Investigator, icddr,b

2017 - 2018

Research Investigator, icddr,b

2013 - 2017

PhD student, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan

2012 - 2013

Senior Research Officer, Enteric Microbiology Lab, icddr,b

2009 - 2012

Research Officer, Enteric Microbiology Lab, icddr,b

2008 - 2009

Research Fellow, Enteric Microbiology Lab, icddr,b