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Maternal and neonatal health

We discover, develop, and evaluate new interventions, and help improve the delivery and scale-up of interventions to prevent and treat maternal complications, adverse birth outcomes and life-threatening neonatal conditions.

Programme lead

Dr Shams El Arifeen

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Our approach 

Our work spans the full spectrum of research, including epidemiological studies, operations and implementation research, clinical trials, evaluation of health care delivery system and health systems research.


We are studying key aspects of maternal and newborn health, including biological and social factors associated with increased risk of preterm birth and low birth weight, newborn infections, and other major maternal and newborn complications.


We are using our understanding of the biological and social causes of key maternal and neonatal conditions to develop and test novel social and technological interventions, suitable for use in resource-poor settings, that address key maternal and newborn health complications.


We advise on the design of appropriate delivery strategies and evaluate existing programmes at scale. Our focus is on generating evidence to support scale up of cost-effective interventions globally. We also work closely with the Government of Bangladesh in formulating policies and programmes in maternal and neonatal health.