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We are committed to building local, regional and international capacity in research, public health and clinical medicine.

icddr,b is one of the largest regional centres of excellence in South Asia, with wide-ranging expertise in multiple areas of clinical medicine and public health.

Capacity-building takes multiple forms, including developing the local science base, enhancing the knowledge and skills of medical practitioners and public health specialists, and more generally equipping government healthcare officials to utilise research-generated evidence.

Our work spans all these areas:

Technical training

From healthcare financing to epidemiology and biostatistics, we offer niche technical training to increase expertise and capacity for public health practitioners and researchers in Bangladesh. 

Technical Training Unit (TTU) website

In addition to a suite of courses offered by icddr,b’s Technical Training unit, other initiatives include:

  • Medical Residency Programme - we run the only medical residency programme in Bangladesh. The two-year programme has 32 physicians and 32 nurses annually and provides them with clinical experience, which is not typically part of medical training in Bangladesh.
  • Malnutrition Treatment Guidelines - drawing on our experiences and expertise we offer up to date training on case management to ministries of health, clinical workers and local “train-the-trainers” around the world.
  • Cholera Outbreak Management - As the leading technical advisor to WHO during global cholera outbreaks, we have trained clinical and community health workers in management of cholera and acute watery diarrhoea in dozens of countries, including Iraq, Sierra Leone and Haiti.

Field Experience / Internship

Each year hundreds of national and international students are offered training opportunities at icddr,b working alongside scientist in their chosen area.

Explore Internship on TTU website

In addition to opportunities arranged by icddr,b, programmes include:

  • U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) Fogarty Center icddr,b serves as a collaborator on the International Clinical Fellowship Program, which prepares young physicians from around the world for applied research careers.

James P. Grant School for Public Health

Established in collaboration with BRAC University and located on icddr,b’s campus, the school emphasises research on critical health issues facing developing countries.