Academic Training

We provide academic training through our Student Services to different medical colleges, healthcare institutes and universities of Bangladesh and abroad.


Field Training for the Students of Uppsala University, Sweden

icddr,b hosts its flagship academic field training on Global Health and Infectious Disease for the Masters students of Infection Biology of Uppsala University, Sweden every year. As both institutes have an outstanding track record for their pursuance of excellence in the field of research, they are in collaboration since the 90s in various capacity. However, this academic collaboration started following signing a memorandum of understanding in 2011 between Technical Training Unit of icddr,b and the department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology of Uppsala University.

Although all students are from Uppsala University, they are citizens from different countries. Over the last decade, this course has become a truly cosmopolitan one and icddr,b has trained students of more than 30 countries from 6 continents including Sweden, UK, USA, Mexico, Peru, Iran, China, Egypt, Somalia and Australia.



The entire training is concentrated around 7 topics- diarrheal diseases including cholera, respiratory infection, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, vaccine, malnutrition and HDSS, which are delivered by renowned researchers of that field and through a wide range of training modalities. In addition to lectures, interactive discussion and case studies, the students have to learn directly in the laboratory, go to field site to understand the preventive strategy of HIV/AIDS and vaccination trials, work in the Dhaka Hospital of icddr,b to understand how diarrhea patients are treated and spend times in the Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit to gain knowledge on malnutrition research and management. The government facilities also play a vital role in this training. Visit to Dhaka Medical College Hospital to learn how different infectious diseases e.g. dengue or tuberculosis, are treated in our country is crucial to this training. The students spend two days in the Matlab HDSS as a residential training. In addition, the students are mentored by researchers on specific topic in small groups.


icddr,b devotes a day to orient the students on Bangladeshi culture and history. The visit to historical sites of Bangladesh is very popular among the students.


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Academic orientation for medical college students:

As per requirement of the MBBS curriculum, 3rd year medical college students need to visit public health organization and institutes. icddr,b- being a global leading public health research center- provides this field visit opportunity to 13 medical colleges- both public and private. In this interactive field visit, students learn and become orient about icddr,b’s research, services and training.



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