Technical Training

We work with internal and external stakeholders including Government of Bangladesh and universities worldwide to provide high quality education and training services in areas of icddr,b's competences for Bangladeshi and other nationals.

Since 1978, from 87 countries, more than 45000 participants (researchers, physicians, laboratory personnel, managers, trainers, faculties and student etc.) attended our training/education programmes.

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Our flagship training courses include public health skills, laboratory skills, clinical management, emerging (such as combating chronic diseases, climate, urbanisation and environmental health) and re-emerging (such as TB and Malaria etc.) needs for the health and wellbeing of the population.

Working alongside icddr,b researchers and clinicians, participants are offered the chance to learn from the experts, witness the generation of critical new evidence and knowledge, and to see low-cost interventions in action. Across the world, thousands of health professionals consider their time at icddr,b as formative to their career.

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In addition to specialist training we provide, our five research themes and two research initiatives also provide need-based training and technical assistance in Bangladesh, the region and globally.

Driven by our redefined core values (excellence, integrity and inclusivity) and guided by our three-year (2015-18) strategic plan, we formulated our Training Strategy 2020 to foster collaboration with key partners including universities/institutions and donors. And, in the years ahead, we look forward to delivering quality and need-based education and training services with innovative approaches including e-learning/distance learning.