Driven by our redefined core values and guided by our Strategic Plan goals, we formulated our Training Strategy 2020 to foster collaboration with key partners including universities/institutions and donors. In the year ahead, we look forward to deliver quality and need-based education and training services with innovative approaches including eLearning/distance learning.


From healthcare financing to epidemiology and biostatistics, from research ethics to international asthma module, we offer niche technical training to increase expertise and capacity for public health practitioners and researchers in Bangladesh and across the globe.


Technical Training Unit (TTU) website


Our flagship training courses include research public health skills, laboratory skills, clinical management, emerging (such as combating chronic diseases, climate, urbanization and environmental health) and re-emerging (such as TB and Malaria etc.) needs for the health and wellbeing of the population.


View our ongoing training courses Technical Training Unit (TTU) website


Our training program encompasses the following categories:

  • Research capacity building 
  • Clinical Training
  • Public health and allied
  • Tailor made training (need based): mail to if your institute/organization need a tailor made training.