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Services Available

The Library Information and Services Section currently offers:

  • Reference and bibliographic services;
  • Inter-library loan;
  • Training programme;
  • Internship programme; 
  • Guided library tours;
  • Photocopying and scanning;
  • Reprints; internet;
  • Internet  and wi-fi access;

To search icddr,b’s catalogue please click here.

The library maintains the following databases, using library management software:

  • Monographs
  • Documents/Reprints 
  • icddr,b publications
  • icddr,b research projects
  • Bound journals
  • Loose journals
  • CD-ROMs

For current research projects/protocols of icddr,b, please see our protocol database.

For icddr,b’s research results, published articles in other international journals, book chapters, conference papers, and other policy-relevant documents, see our institutional repository.