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15th Asian Conference on Diarrhoeal Disease and Nutrition (ASCODD 2020)

Hosted by: icddr,b

Date: 28 January 2020 09:00 to 30 January 2020 17:00

Location: Dhaka


The 15th ASCODD has been scheduled for Dhaka, Bangladesh during 28-30 January, 2020 with the theme of “Typhoid, Cholera, other enteric diseases and their relationship to nutritional disorders: Persisting challenges for LMICs in an era of humanitarian crisis”.
At the time when diarrhoea was a major killer of children and oral rehydration solution was just unfolding its miracles, it was recognised that the sharing of research findings would motivate young researchers to participate in the public health sector and tackle this challenge. Against this backdrop, the first-ever ASCODD was held in Dhaka and was organised by International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b).
ASCODD has emerged as a bridge between young researchers and global experts by facilitating knowledge sharing, ideas and research collaboration. The 1981 conference envisioned a wider geographical scope and participations from other Asian nations. Subsequently in 1983, National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (NICED), Kolkata, India joined the initiative along with Indian researchers.
Since then ASCODD has been held biennially until 2012. After the 6th conference, the name was changed to Asian Conference on Diarrhoeal Disease and Nutrition, while keeping the same acronym as ASCODD.
The past fourteen conferences took place in eight Asian countries covering Bangladesh (3), India (3), Thailand (2), Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia (2) and Philippines.