Lead chromate, a toxic, industrial pigment, is being added to turmeric to enhance its brightness, suggests new evidence from an icddr,b study with collaborators from Stanford university.


A new breakthrough review by icddr,b scientists suggests that the cholera bacteria take shelter inside certain types of cyanobacteria (phytoplankton) also known as the blue-green algae that make water bodies such as the ocean look blue.

11 JUNE 2019

Non-medical individuals influence many women to opt for caesarian section (C-section) delivery despite their initial preference for vaginal delivery. Women may have very little knowledge about C-section and eventually little choice in the decision-making process.

23 MAY 2019

Prolonged antibiotic misuse causes antibiotic-resistance bacteria to spread in the environment as a result they can infect more people and cause incurable diseases. Recent icddr,b studies found several harmful bacteria in unusual places like ready-to-eat foods and children’s guts –a warning to stop misusing antibiotics.