Fellowship Prestige for Dr Sayera Banu: Dual Recognitions

Dr Sayera Banu, Senior Scientist and Head of the Programme for Emerging Infections at IDD, has garnered remarkable accolades by earning Fellowships from the esteemed Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) for 2022 and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) for 2024.
The BAS, founded in Dhaka in 1973, stands as the foremost scientific institution, comprising Fellows elected from distinguished scientists and technologists across the country. On the other hand, TWAS, headquartered in Trieste, Italy, was established in 1983 by a group of renowned scientists with a mission to propel science in developing nations. It fosters sustainable progress through research, education, policy, and diplomacy, boasting a membership of over 1,400, including Nobel laureates, leading global scientists, and distinguished researchers.
Dr Banu's illustrious 30-year career in tuberculosis research has been pivotal in establishing the acclaimed mycobacteriology laboratory at icddr,b, recognised as the nation's premier facility of its kind. Her groundbreaking studies span various facets of tuberculosis, with findings adopted nationally and internationally, influencing policies and guidelines for tuberculosis control and management. This significant impact solidifies her place on the global health stage.
Dr Sayera Banu's dual induction as a Fellow of BAS and TWAS heralds a new phase, recognising her exceptional scientific endeavours. It signifies a significant milestone for both Bangladesh's and the global scientific communities.