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icddr,b– its current work

Handy facts and figures about icddr,b and its current work.


  • icddr,b is an international health research centre based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • icddr,b has 221 scientific staff and a total workforce of 4,438.
  • icddr,b scientists are working on more than 350 research projects.
  • icddr,b is supported by four core donors – Sweden, Canada, the UK and the Government of Bangladesh.
  • icddr,b secured US$50.5m funding from competitive sources in 2015; its total income was US$68.9m.
  • icddr,b has 145 national collaborations and 88 international collaborations.
  • icddr,b scientists were authors on 259 original scientific papers in 2015.
  • icddr,bfive research programmes and two developmental research programmes focus on areas of major unmet medical need. 

Clinical services…

  • As well as research, icddr,b provides clinical care at three sites – the Dhaka Hospital and Matlab Hospital.
  • Every year, icddr,b treats more than 200,000 patients at its hospitals and treatment centre – more than half of them children under five years of age.   


  • 1,290 people attended icddr,b training courses in 2015; 1,387 students were hosted on icddr,b’s orientation programme for medical students.


  • In recent years, icddr,b staff have contributed to emergency relief efforts in Iraq, Mozambique, South Sudan, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Kenya and the Philippines.

(All data correct as of December 2015.)