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icddr,b launches ‘The Mujib 100 Health Research Grants for Women in Science in Bangladesh’

Dhaka, 19 March 2020: Today, icddr,b is proud to announce the launch of ‘The Mujib 100 Research Grants for Women in Science in Bangladesh (Mujib 100 RGfW)’. It is worth USD 400,000 and is in commemoration of the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and in celebration of icddr,b’s 60 years of scientific brilliance. This research grant is the first initiative of its kind to build a new generation of women researchers and scientists in Bangladesh. This will encourage more women to undertake research and innovation in public health and help them realise their full potential. This is a sure way to advancing new treatments, diagnosis, disease management, public health strategies and many others.

On this occasion, Professor John Clemens, Executive Director at icddr,b said, “We are proud to announce this initiative in remembrance of a true visionary leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who had great admiration for icddr,b, which was then the Cholera Research Laboratory, and used to engage it whenever there is a public health crisis in Bangladesh.”

The Mujib 100 RGfW will allow Bangladeshi women scientists/researchers/academicians/students aged below 50 to apply for research grants under eight thematic areas aligned with icddr,b’s strategic goals and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are:

- Reducing maternal, neonatal and child mortality, and improving the well-being of women, children and adolescents.

- Preventing and treating maternal and childhood malnutrition.

- Controlling enteric and respiratory infections.

- Detecting and controlling emerging and re-emerging infections.

- Achieving universal health coverage.

- Achieving gender equality, and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

- Examining the health consequences and adaptations to climate change.

- Preventing and treating non-communicable diseases.

Each applicant may apply for a single project with a maximum project period of eighteen months and for a grant up to USD 50,000. Approximately, 8-10 projects will be supported by Mujib 100 RGfW, of which 50% will be allocated to applicants outside of icddr,b.

Applications will be evaluated based on the merit of their proposal along with credentials of the project lead. icddr,b’s Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) comprising of scientists and public health experts from across the globe will evaluate the projects and select awardees. However, final selection will be based on the approval of icddr,b’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). 

Relevant senior scientist at icddr,b for the respective research theme will be the mentor for each applicant to ensure effective, efficient and timely completion of the projects.

An open call for applications will begin from March 21, 2020 until May 21, 2020. Interested applicants are requested to visit www.icddrb.org/Mujib100RGfW for more information on the eligibility criteria, application format, scoring criteria and grants related information.

Empirical evidence shows that women and girls are still largely underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics around the world because of wide-ranging factors including lack of access to research grants. icddr,b is committed to ensure that financial assets reach the deserving female researchers as they are critical to breakthrough innovations and research.


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