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Our laboratories are well equipped to carry out research based on the latest technologies.

We have developed laboratory facilities to support a wide range of microbiological, immunological, genetic and other research. These facilities underpin our laboratory studies on disease-causing organisms and host immune responses to them.

One of our important aims is to integrate field-based surveillance and intervention studies with detailed molecular and cellular analyses at our central laboratory facilities.

Genomics laboratory

We have established a high-throughput genome-sequencing and bioinformatics facility. This facility provides us with local capacity to sequence microbial and human genomes, supporting studies across our research programmes. The facility also forms the basis of collaborations with world-leading teams at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the Science of Life Laboratory in Sweden.

The genomics facility is a regional resource and its facilities can be used by other institutions in Bangladesh or countries in the region. It also acts as a regional training centre in genomic technologies and bioinformatics.

Diagnostics and laboratory services

We provide a wide range of laboratory services, including diagnostic testing, to partners and external clients.