Project Documents

This section hosts selected project-specific documents and information based on the request of the respective research division.

Draft Funding Request Application for HIV and AIDS (2018-2020) to the Global Fund

The Program for HIV and AIDS, under Infectious Diseases Division (IDD) of icddr,b has been working with the Global Fund since 2010 as Principle Recipient (PR). The goal of the Global Fund project is to prevent HIV among key populations at risk of HIV transmission in Bangladesh. 

The current Global Fund grant will be ended on 30 November 2017. Recently, the Global Fund announced Funding Request for HIV in Bangladesh for three years 2018-2010. icddr,b as a Principal Recipient (PR) along with two other PRs named Save the Children and National AIDS and STD Program (NASP) will apply for the grant.  


On 8 February 2017, all three PRs submitted draft Funding Request Application to Bangladesh Country Coordination Mechanism (BCCM), Chaired by the Minister of the Health and Family Welfare. According to BCCM requirements, all PRs need to upload the draft documents to their respective websites. Therefore, following documents of the draft protocol is uploaded in icddr,b website for public sharing and comments till 4.00 PM, 15th February, 2017: