Research goals in maternal and neonatal health

  • Evaluate the biological pathways leading to preterm birth
  • Define causes of serious neonatal infections
  • Assess existing and new biomarkers for the early detection of pre-eclampsia/ eclampsia, and improved interventions for the management of these conditions
  • Evaluate at scale the feasibility, acceptability and impact on post-partum haemorrhage of an expanded birthing kit consisting of misoprostol and a birthing mat to monitor haemorrhage, for domestic, regional and global application
  • Evaluate approaches to delay first pregnancies among married adolescents and to scale up non-surgical menstrual regulation
  • Evaluate measures to improve health systems in Bangladesh for care of pre-eclampsia/ eclampsia, post-partum haemorrhage, neonatal sepsis, preterm birth and birth asphyxia.