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Islam, Dr. Md. Taufiqul

Associate Scientist
Enteric and Respiratory Infections
Infectious Diseases Division
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Md. Taufiqul

“Making a difference at scale in public health can only be achieved through research and finding the right strategy. It’s a big challenge, and I am up for this.”

My interest in community medicine and public health grew while I was in the third year of medical school. So joining icddr,b became the only choice to further my interest and contribute to a bigger goal. Now, I am working on infectious disease epidemiology and trying to find out control strategies.
The Pasteur Institute, France, strengthened my knowledge in vaccinology while the Griffith University, Australia, in public health strategy, where I am doing my Ph.D. research on a bigger goal - towards elimination of cholera from Bangladesh by 2030. A blue print for cholera control strategy will be evaluated from this research. In addition evaluation of vaccine co-administration and its programmatic value will be generated.
I have been involved in different oral cholera vaccine trials conducted by icddr,b, which have significantly contributed to the Ending Cholera initiative—A Global Roadmap to 2030 for cholera control. I am part of the team that led the introduction of the oral cholera vaccine in Bangladesh. In the single-dose cholera vaccine trial, I evaluated the pregnancy outcome. I am also part of the team that developed the cholera investment strategy and is running the nationwide cholera surveillance in Bangladesh, and I am incredibly proud of this. I was actively involved in field evaluation of rapid diagnostic kit (RDT) for cholera which is a very effective tool for rapid detection of cholera specially in the resource limited settings that has been developed by icddr,b. 
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been involved in the national serological surveillance, and later I have been involved in evaluating vaccine efficacy. 
However, my experience in vaccinating the Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) or Rohingya population with oral cholera vaccine since their arrival in Bangladesh in late August 2017 until now is quite rare and rewarding. This has significantly strengthened my knowledge and understanding, and I am confident that I will be able to contribute to finding out the most effective strategies in addressing similar public health crises anywhere in the world.
I want to keep on working at icddr,b as everything I have learned and accomplished in my career is because of my mentors and the type of work I have been engaged in at icddr,b.  
Future Plans:
I want to continue my career in infectious disease epidemiology specifically enteric and respiratory infections and vaccine science.

2019 till date

Assistant Scientist, Enteric and Respiratory Infections, Infectious Diseases Division, icddr,b

2016 - 2019

Senior Research Investigator, Enteric and Respiratory Infections, Infectious Diseases Division, icddr,b

2015 - 2016

Research Investigator, Enteric and Respiratory Infections, Infectious Diseases Division, icddr,b

2014- 2016

Master in Public Health (Epidemiology), American International University, Bangladesh

2013 - 2015

Medical Officer, Enteric vaccines, Centre for Vaccine Sciences, icddr,b


Project Research Physiscian Enteric vaccines, Centre for Vaccine Sciences, icddr,b

2011 - 2012

Medical Officer, Center For Child and Adolescent Health, Matlab Health Research Centre (MHRC), icddr,b

2009 - 2011

Medical Officer, New Dhaka Modern Clinic


Post graduate trainee in Radiology and Imaging, Sir Solimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital.

2007 - 2008

Intern Doctor, Mymensingh Medical College and Hospital

2002 - 2007

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Mymensingh Medical College