13 FEBRUARY 2019

icddr,b researchers developed 'Early Childhood Appetite and Satiety Tool (ECAST)' to measure appetite levels in children. ECAST aims to further clarify linkages between food intake levels and stunted/wasted growth and thus provide a strong leverage to future nutrition research.

04 FEBRUARY 2019

Cholera is a public health challenge in Bangladesh, especially in areas without clean water or good hygiene and sanitation facilities. icddr,b researchers have deployed oral cholera vaccination strategies to cover populations at risk of this infectious disease and recent studies show that the efforts have been very successful.

31 JANUARY 2019

icddr,b executive director Prof John Clemens MD has received 2018 Prince Mahidol Award jointly with Swedish immunologist and former icddr,b Scientific Advisory Group chair Prof Jan Holmgren for their contribution in developing world’s only safe, effective and affordable and internationally licensed oral cholera vaccine (OCV) which has been used for millions of people at risk of or affected by the spread of cholera worldwide.

23 JANUARY 2019

Children in urban slums often have no choice over the quality of food they eat, some of which may cause lifetime harm to their health. Recent icddr,b evidence published in Nature has indicated that slum children may be exposed to Aflatoxins from fungi (fungus) grown on food. icddr,b researchers are now exploring whether it affects their lifetime growth.