icddr,b-led USAID’s ACTB announces a media fellowship for journalists to strengthen reporting on tuberculosis

Dhaka, Bangladesh 21 September 2022– Every day, an estimated 120 persons die from tuberculosis (TB) in Bangladesh, which is a preventable and curable disease. Moreover, 986 individuals fall ill with TB daily. Though TB has plagued humans since prehistoric times, awareness about the disease amongst the general public is still very low. Additionally, TB is a highly stigmatized disease. The mass media has immense potential to disseminate key messages and information to address the barriers, promote the prevention and treatment of TB, and, most importantly, eliminate the stigma related to the disease. Journalists can, thus, play an important role in the fight against the TB epidemic. With that in mind, icddr,b-led USAID’s Alliance for Combating Tuberculosis in Bangladesh (ACTB) “Media Fellowship for Reporting on TB 2022” offers a unique opportunity to journalists who are engaged in health reporting and are the catalyst for its development. Fellows will have the opportunity to learn from leading experts, gain valuable field experience and see first-hand how TB interventions are developed and implemented.

Under this initiative, 15 journalists will be awarded a 3-month fellowship. The fellows will receive a stipend of BDT 20,000 monthly (BDT 60,000 in total for the duration of the fellowship) to support their travel and research expenses. This will enable them to produce at least three reports during their fellowship tenure. Applicants having experience working in national or local daily newspapers/television/radio or online newspapers are requested to take part in this programme. The deadline for application is 30 September 2022, with the fellowship starting in November 2022. Eligible candidates are requested to apply online using this link: https://training.icddrb.org/siteinfo/circularDetail?1=1&view=327

USAID’s ACTB has been working to support the National Tuberculosis Control Programme (NTP), Directorate General of Health Services, and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to accelerate their effort to end TB by improving TB case detection through health system strengthening. The initiative vouches for a multi-sectoral response to TB through countrywide interventions in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of all forms of TB.

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