Clarification about icddr,b’s licensing requirement

Dhaka, July 15, 2020: It has recently been queried whether icddr,b requires a license from Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) to operate its hospitals and clinical laboratories.

We would like to mention in this regard that icddr,b is an international organization, which has been established by a special Ordinance of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (Ordinance no. LI of 1978 of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh). The Ordinance itself mandated icddr,b to function as a centre for research, education and training as well as clinical service; and empowered icddr,b to maintain and operate hospitals, clinics, laboratories, animal research facilities, libraries, reading rooms, scientific equipment and instruments for its proper functioning in fulfilling the statutory aims and objectives (ref. Sections 3 and 5 of the Ordinance no. LI of 1978).

Under the mandate and authority of this Ordinance, icddr,b has been providing free treatment to the patients in icddr,b hospitals and saving thousands of lives for more than 40 years now.

The licensing requirement from the DGHS, under the Medical Practice and Private Clinics and Laboratories (Regulation) Ordinance, 1982, is not applicable for icddr,b, since icddr,b is not owned by any private entity.

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Published on July 15, 2020